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David McCagg - 1978 World Champion, 100m Freestyle

Apr 5, 2017

FloSwimming's ​Clark Burckle​ caught up with 1978 World Champion ​David ​McCagg​ at the 2017 ISCA Elite Showcase Classic in Clearwater, FL.​

At the 1978 World Aquatics Championships in West Berlin, Germany, McCagg took home three gold medals as a member of the United States team in the 100m freestyle, 4x100 freestyle relay, and anchor of the 4x100 medley relay as well.​

The pinnacle of McCagg's success came around the unfortunate time of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, Russia -- which was boycotted by then United States President ​Jimmy Carter. "My parents have been divorced, but nothing hurt me more than the boycott," said McCagg to Sports Illustrated in 1983, who had finished eighth in the 100-meter freestyle at the 1976 Olympic Trials and was world champion in that event in 1978. "It tore me up inside. I hated everyone who had anything to do with it. It didn't accomplish a damn thing."

McCagg still hangs around the pool deck from time to time to see his old coach, ​Randy Reese​. Randy, now in his early 70s, is currently the Director of Aquatics at the Clearwater Aquatic Team.