Want To Take FloSwimming Anywhere? Download The FloSports iOS App Today

Want To Take FloSwimming Anywhere? Download The FloSports iOS App Today

Trust us, we understand. You want to watch individual medleys at the dentist's office, freestyle relays while waiting for your coffee, and world records go down in between work meetings or class.

That's perfectly normal, and in fact we've wanted to do the same for a while now as well.

Before we launched the FloSports iOS app it could take some planning and juggling of devices to live-stream your favorite FloSwimming events on the go, but not anymore.

Now you can see every event at every meet on FloSwimming from anywhere, easily switch between different streams, view up-to-date highlights of the biggest performances, and instantly read breaking news and in-depth stories — all with the FloSports iOS app.

Personalize your experience by selecting any of the 22 FloSports network sites that interest you (may we suggest FloElite, FloMarching, and FloSwimming, just to name a few — there have to be some more CrossFit-training, tuba-playing, swimsuit-wearing mavericks out there, right?), and scroll through our streamlined event schedules so you never miss a moment of the action.

Are handheld screens just not doing the job during a championship meet? Use the FloSports app’s Airplay feature to view live events, documentaries, or videos on your TV at any time.

So head over to the App Store, mash the download button, and get ready to enjoy FloSwimming wherever YOU want to take it.