(WATCH) Ryan Held's Hour Of Power Set

(WATCH) Ryan Held's Hour Of Power Set

NC State Associate Head Coach ​Bobby Guntoro​ whipped up a nice little power set for Olympic gold medalist ​Ryan Held​ this morning.

Here's the set Held did in the video above:

1x 300 {Snorkel} -- 100 at stroke count FAST FLIP -- pause -- Then POWER PUSH off past the flags, 50 Surf kick

Power Turn Drill Progression {DragSox on Knees}
  • ​1st -- Power Push off + 1 Blast Stroke + FAST FLIP
  • 2nd -- Power Push off + 4 Blast UW DK + FAST FLIP
PBO Drill with fins -- Power Breakout
  • ​3 Blast UW Dolphin Kick + 1 Stroke Fly into float + 12.5 Dive under + 3 Blast UW DK + 1 Blast Pull Break Out (Work Timing)
Some Skill & Technique Work with Chute
  • ​Human Paddles (Surf perfect position into Power Pull)
  • Reverse Catch Up and Power Connect Drill (RCPC). 
4 Progression Relay Start
  • ​1st -- Explode and Glide
  • 2nd -- Explode and Blast underwater kick to 15m 
  • 3rd -- Explode and Blast 3 strokes breakout
  • 4th -- Explode and Blast 25m 
Finish up with 8x8 Blast Stroke with chutes

All power practices I write typically have similar progression. We spend more time on the technical part (still gaining some strength by doing it STRONG) a lot more in October while progressing toward focusing more on swimming as we go on with our season. This allows swimmers to focus on one thing at a time.

​Video & set explanation courtesy of Bobby Guntoro