(VIDEO) Caeleb Dressel Could Swim 19 Races At Worlds

Caeleb Dressel Could Swim 19 Races At Worlds

2017 U.S. National Championships & Worlds Trials

June 27 - July 1, 2017
Indianapolis, Indiana
IUPUI Natatorium

​Caeleb Dressel​ was a busy man in Indianapolis at the Phillips 66 National Championships and World Championship Trials and he is going to be an even busier man in three weeks at the World Championships in Budapest. Here are the races he qualified for:

50m freestyle (1st -- 21.53)
100m freestyle (2nd -- 47.97)
200m freestyle (6th -- 1:47.51)
50m butterfly (1st -- 23.05)
100m butterfly (1st -- 50.87)

Presumably, this is what Dressel's lineup will look like including relays ​at World Championships. Keep in mind: this schedule assumes he will final in all of his individual events, will not swim prelims of the 4x100m freestyle relay or either mixed relays, and has an opportunity to swim finals of the 4x200m freestyle relay and 4x100m medley relay.

Day 1 -- Sunday, 7/23
​Prelims: 50m butterfly (prelims)
​Finals: 50m butterfly (semis), 4x100m freestyle relay​ (final)
​TOTAL: 3 

Day 2 -- Monday, 7/24
​Prelims: off
​Finals: 50m butterfly (final)

Day 3 -- Tuesday, 7/25
​Prelims: off
​Finals: off

Day 4 -- Wednesday, 7/26
​Prelims: 100m freestyle (prelims)
​Finals: 100m freestyle (semis), 4x100m mixed medley relay (finals)

Day 5 -- Thursday, 7/27
​Prelims: off
​Finals: 100m freestyle (final)

Day 6 -- Friday, 7/28
​Prelims: 50m freestyle (prelims), 100m butterfly (prelims), 4x200m freestyle relay (prelims)
​Finals: 50m freestyle (semis), 100m butterfly (semis), 4x200m freestyle relay (final)

Day 7 -- Saturday, 7/29
​Prelims: off
​Finals: 50m freestyle (final), 100m butterfly (final), 4x100m mixed freestyle relay (final)

Day 8 -- Sunday, 7/30
​Prelims: 4x100m medley relay (prelims)
​Finals: 4x100m medley relay (final)

If all goes according to Dressel's plan -- Friday is going to be an absolute monster of a day... 50m freestyle, 100m butterfly, and 4x200m freestyle relay all in the same session. When was the last time we saw an elite-level swimmer take on three races in the same session at a meet the caliber of ​World Championships? ​Michael Phelps ​maybe? Might have to do some digging on this one.​

​Regardless, for everyone who was concerned that Dressel's long course potential had yet to meet his production level in the short course yards pool -- you have no reason to be concerned anymore.​

Caeleb Dressel has arrived and he is ready to race.