2020 Super League Triathlon Arena Games

The 2020 Super League Triathlon Arena Games Rotterdam Explained

The 2020 Super League Triathlon Arena Games Rotterdam Explained

Explaining the new race format for the 2020 Super League Triathlon Arena Games in Rotterdam on August 23rd.

Aug 22, 2020 by Lindsey Holder
The 2020 Super League Triathlon Arena Games Rotterdam Explained

The 2020 Super League Triathlon Arena Games Rotterdam are streaming live and on demand through FloTrack and the FloSports apps on August 23rd. Start time is 7am EST. The broadcast is available worldwide with the exception of France and Australia.


When is the first race?                       

Rotterdam will host the first staging of the SLT Arena Games on August 23 (1-3pm CET). The event will be the pinnacle of the Rotterdam Summer of esports, with a city that has already hosted an ITU Grand Final innovating again to produce the debut of the SLT Arena Games.


How will it work?               

In a first for the sport, the SLT Arena Games will be an amalgamation of in real life and virtual racing and provide an immersive viewing experience that allows fans to get up close and personal with the best triathletes in the world and enjoy live data from Zwift.


The swim leg takes place in an Olympic sized pool while the bike and run disciplines are completed on Tacx Neo2T smart trainers and self-powered curved treadmills with the power and speed of the athletes turned into a visual race via Zwift’s amazing platform.

The TV broadcast will bring together the best of all these elements to produce a captivating event, with in your face cameras of athletes in an enclosed environment showing their effort and raw suffering like never before.


What format will the athletes race?

The Pros will be racing Super League’s unique Triple Mix format.
That means three short, sharp and unpredictable stages that all feature swim, bike and run and offer no respite to the athletes with the added challenge that the order of the disciplines is shuffled each time.


There is a very short break of a couple of minutes between the three stages, with each starting at a set time. That will reward those that finish quickest by giving them a longer rest period.


A 90 second rule will be in play after each stage with athletes who fall foul of it being eliminated.
The results of the three individual stages will combine to determine the overall winner.


What order will the races be in?

The first stage will be swim-bike-run. The second stage will be bike-run-swim. The final stage will be run-swim-bike.                  
The swim legs are 200m, the bike 4km and the run 1km.


How will the point scoring work? 

For each of the three individual stages in the Triple Mix format all ten athletes will be awarded points. It is as simple as 10 points for first place down to one point for 10th. The cumulative totals at the end of the Triple Mix will confirm the winners.


What if there is a tie?

In the event of a tie the athlete with the best result in the final stage of the Triple Mix will be placed higher in the rankings.


Which Zwift course is being used?

The athletes will bike and run on Zwift’s Crit City course.


Is there prize money?                       

Yes, the Pros will be racing for cash to add extra incentive to race at full throttle throughout.


What time is the racing?            

The live broadcast runs from 7am-9am EST. The women race first followed immediately by the men.  

Who is racing?

Super League has recruited the biggest names in the sport with ten men and ten women competing. There are Olympic medallists, world champions and even a couple of up and comers in a stellar field. 


Pro Women

Georgia Taylor-Brown (UK)

Anne Haug (GER)

Rachel Klamer (NED)

Natalie Van Coevorden (AUS)

Jess Learmonth (UK)

Leonie Periault (FRA)

Mia Kingma (NED)

Valerie Barthelemy (GER)

Quinty Schoens (NED)

Ilaria Zane (ITA)

Pro Men

Javier Gomez (SPA)

Jonny Brownlee (UK)

Richard Murray (RSA)

Jonas Schomburg (GER)

Pierre Le Corre (FRA)

Vasco Vilaca (POR)

Justus Nieschlag (GER)

Alois Knabl (AUT)

Marco Van der Stel (NED)

Donald Hillebregt (NED)