Preview | Big Ten Women's Championship

When: Feb. 20 - 23, 2019

Where: Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatics Center

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2018 Women’s Final Scores:

  1. Michigan, University of 1465 
  2. Indiana University 1152.5
  3. Ohio State University 1094.5 
  4. University of Minnesota 1049
  5. Wisconsin, University of, Madi 755 
  6. Purdue University 693
  7. Northwestern University 528 
  8. Pennsylvania State University 418
  9. Rutgers University 386 
  10. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 358
  11. Iowa, University of 338 
  12. University of Illinois 187
  13. Michigan State University 172

Much like the 2018 version of this meet we fully expect the team race to come down to the powerhouses in Indiana and Michigan. Two other teams to keep an eye on would be Ohio State and Wisconsin, but they’ll need some serious performances to chip away at the depth and high end potential coming from the Hoosiers and Wolverines. While some of the top end swimmers in the meet might not be fully tapered here that doesn’t mean we won’t see some legit swims coming out of people like King, and McHugh so don’t blink. With all of this being said, I don’t think anyone is going to be able to take down the Wolverines.

Momentum is going to be huge in this meet meaning a big night one from these teams will be absolutely necessary in order to jump start their push for the lead. Day two prelims are going to be huge and with a conference meet with as many teams as this one, filling the A and B finals with as many bodies as possible is going to win the meet. Getting your hand on the wall first is definitely important, but it’s going to be just as important - if not more important - in prelims than it will be in finals.

Swimmers To Watch:

Siobhan Haughey - Michigan

Sierra Schmidt - Michigan

Lilly King - IU

Kathrin Demler - OSU

Ally McHugh - Penn State

Vera Koprikova - Rutgers

Beata Nelson - Wisconsin

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