Flo 25: NCAA DI Women's Preseason Rankings #25-21

With the NCAA season rapidly approaching, we decided to come up with our own preseason NCAA Division I Top 25 rankings. First up, we released the men's rankings -- five teams per day which you can see below. Next, we will release the women's rankings -- five teams per day.

Flo 25: NCAA DI Men's Preseason Rankings #25-21, 20-16, 15-11, 10-6, 5-1

So how did we create with the rankings?

The Formula

First, we compiled a rankings list of all returning swims in each event from last season. Next, we added the best times from each incoming freshman to the event lists to complete the preseason time projections for each race. From there, the events are scored two different ways: First is a top 50 points system to analyze depth -- starting with the top-ranked team receiving 50 points and descending to one point. Second is the NCAA's top 16 scoring system. Relays are included into this as well. Combining those factors, we found the average of each team to create the final top 25 preseason rankings.

Without further ado...

25.) Notre Dame

2017 NCAA Finish: 44th

The Irish aren't starting the year based on how they're projected to finish. Depth has them in this position. They are only projected four points at the NCAAs, but they have 12 swims returning in the top 50. Their best returning swim ranks 22nd. As far as newcomers, Notre Dame added four from the 51-100 ranking range with Rachel Wittmer, Carly Quast, Lindsay Stone, and Skylar Fore.

24.) Arizona State

2017 NCAA Finish: 29th

ASU is another school living off of a high-ranking swimmer who will score big at the NCAAs. Breaststroker Silja Kansakoski is returning as the fourth fastest in the 100 and fifth fastest in the 200. Those swims came as a freshman. The Sun Devils will look to another sophomore -- Kendall Dawson -- to contribute in the distance events as well. Head coach Bob Bowman was also able to add top 50 recruit Erica Laning.

Workout Wednesday with Arizona State

23.) Virginia Tech

2017 NCAA Finish: 31st

Virginia Tech returns two swimmers with the potential to score in the top eight at NCAAs: Klaudia Nazieblo in the 200 butterfly and Reka Gyorgy in the 400 IM. Even though they aren't the most glorious of events that translate to big-time relay swims, points are points. As far as placing, 23rd is a solid step up from the Hokies' finish at NCAAs a year ago. As Virginia Tech's top-ranked recruit, Emily Meilus is a versatile freestyler/backstroker and IMer who can make some noise if she can improve in her freshman campaign.

22.) North Carolina

2017 NCAA Finish: 17th

The Tar Heels women represented well at this summer's international championships. Both Caroline Baldwin and Hellen Moffitt competed at the World University Games in Taipei, Taiwan. But, UNC will have to fill holes from a senior-laden team last season as they lost NCAA scorers (relay and individual) in Sarah Koucheki, Sarah Hitchens, Emily Pfeiffer, and Moffitt. Baldwin is back, however, and she returns in the top 16 in three events. Relay wise, replacing the seniors will be difficult, but sophomore Brooke Bauer has potential to step up. From a recruiting standpoint, the Tar Heels added three in the top 40, including the extremely versatile Caroline Hauder, breaststroke ace Brooke Perrotta, and 50-200 freestyler Emma Cole. All three of these swimmers will make an immediate impact.

21.) Florida

2017 NCAA Finish: Did Not Score

The Gators didn't score at NCAAs this past season, and it will be an uphill battle this year as well. Their top returners are ranked just outside in the 400 IM. Savanna Faulconer sits 17th in that race. They may be able to snag a few points in the relays but not many. Florida does have a good amount of depth, however, and that is why the Gators are starting the year ranked. They've also added incomers Taylor Ault -- who fits Gregg Troy's bill perfectly as a 200-500-1650 freestyler who can swim good IMs and 200 fly as well -- and Rachel Ramey, who has potential to make an immediate impact in the breaststroke events.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Nos. 20-16.


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