B1G Finals Day 4: King Earns Third Championship Title, Michigan Victorious

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And that’s a wrap for the 2017 Big Ten Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships at the Boilermaker Aquatic Center in West Lafayette, Indiana. The five events completed in the final night of competition were the 1650 freestyle, 200 backstroke, 100 freestyle, 200 breaststroke, 200 butterfly and the 400 freestyle relay.


B1G Record: 15:44.00 (Brooke Zeiger – Minnesota, 2016)
B1G Meet: 15:49.98 (Lindsey Clary – Ohio State, 2016) 15:44.93 (Gillian Ryan – Michigan, 2017)
Pool: 15:46.94 (Flavia Rigamonti – Southern Methodist, 2005) 15:44.93 (Gillian Ryan – Michigan, 2017) 
NCAA ‘A’: 15:53.50

After her remarkable 500 freestyle on Thursday night, it’s no surprise that Michigan’s Gillian Ryan took the championship title in the 1650 with a blazing time of 15:44.93. Ryan just missed the B1G conference record, but she will still walk away with the B1G meet record, a 12-year pool record set by Flavia Rigamonti in 2005, and an NCAA automatic qualifying time. She finished almost seven seconds ahead of the second place finisher, Cierra Runge of Wisconsin with a 15:51.72. Trailing closely behind Runge was her teammate Danielle Valley who finished with a 15:53.16. Both Runge and Valley have also earned NCAA automatic qualifying times in this event.

Top 8 Results

1.) Gillian Ryan (Michigan): 15:44.93
2.) Cierra Runge (Wisconsin): 15:51.72
3.) Danielle Valley (Wisconsin): 15:53.16
4.) Lindsey Clary (OSU): 15:58.29
5.) Valerie Gruest Slowing (NU): 16:011.44
6.) Molly Kowal (OSU): 16:02.35
7.) Cassandra Jernberg (Indiana): 16:04.33
8.) Yirong Bi (Michigan): 16:07.31


B1G Record: 1:49.92 (Kate Fesenko – Indiana, 2010)
B1G Meet: 1:51.32 (Kate Fesenko – Indiana, 2010) 1:50.95 (Kennedy Goss – Indiana, 2017)
Pool: 1:49.92 (Kate Fesenko – Indiana, 2010)
NCAA ‘A’: 1:51.95

Kennedy Goss of Indiana makes a comeback tonight as she wins her first championship title of the meet in the 200 backstroke with a 1:50.95. Not only does she crush the B1G meet record and the NCAA automatic qualifying time, these points will be extremely valuable toward the Hoosiers as they try to make their way to the top of the scoreboard. Coming in second place is Clara Smiddy with another NCAA automatic qualifying time of 1:51.39 and taking home third is Beata Nelson with a 1:52.51.

Top 8 Results

1.) Kennedy Goss (Indiana): 1:50.95
2.) Clara Smiddy (Michigan): 1:51.39
3.) Beata Nelson (Wisconsin): 1:52.51
4.) Gabby Deloof (Michigan): 1:52.86
5.) Vera Koprivova (Rutgers): 1:53.94
6.) Tevyn Waddell (Minnesota): 1:54.40
7.) Chantal Nack (Minnesota): 1:55.15
8.) Erin Oeltjen (Nebraska): 1:56.31


B1G Record: 47.24 (Ivy Martin – Wisconsin, 2015)
B1G Meet: 47.58 (Ivy Martin – Wisconsin, 2015)
Pool: 47.50 (Kara Lynn Joyce – Georgia, 2005)
NCAA ‘A’: 47.69

And its Buckeye Zhesi Li to take the championship title from defending champion Siobhan Haughey with a new B1G meet record and NCAA automatic qualifying time of 47.50. Her time also matches the current pool record set 12 years ago by Kara Lynn Joyce. Haughey battled back on the last 25, but finished second with a 47.70. In third place was Minnesota’s Zoe Avestruz, touching with a 48.37.

With three women on the podium, Wisconsin will be gladly taking these points as they move up to second place on the team scoreboard thus far.  

Top 8 Results

1.) Zhesi Li (OSU): 47.50
2.) Siobhan Haughey (Michigan): 47.70
3.) Zoe Avestruz (Minnesota): 48.37
4.) Chase Kinney (Wisconsin): 48.52
5.) Annika Winsnes (NU): 48.82
6.) Catherine Deloof (Michigan): 48.89
7.) Emmy Sehmann (Wisconsin): 48.89
8.) Marissa Berg (Wisconsin): 49.07


B1G Record: 2:05.64 (Lilly King – Indiana, 2016) 2:04.03 (Lilly King – Indiana, 2017)
B1G Meet: 2:05.98 (Haley Spencer – Minnesota, 2013) 2:04.03 (Lilly King – Indiana, 2017)
Pool: 2:07.30 (Emily Fogle – Purdue, 2015) 2:04.03 (Lilly King – Indiana, 2017)
NCAA ‘A’: 2:07.33

To no surprise, Indiana’s star Lilly King takes the championship title and smashes all three records in the 200 breaststroke final with a 2:04.03. King’s time is three full seconds faster than the NCAA automatic qualifying cut. The most noteworthy performance in this race was actually Minnesota’s Kierra Smith, who dropped over two seconds and finished only three tenths behind King with a blazing 2:04.37. Smith is definitely someone to keep an eye on in NCAA’s only a few weeks away. Finishing in third place was Maria Carlson of Wisconsin with a 2:08.15

Top 8 Results

1.) Lilly King (Indiana): 2:04.03
2.) Kierra Smith (Minnesota): 2:04.37
3.) Maria Carlson (Wisconsin): 2:08.15
4.) Lindsey Horejsi (Minnesota): 2:08.89
5.) Emily Kopas (Michigan): 2:09.09
6.) Taylor Vargo (OSU): 2:09.36
7.) Emma Sougstad (Iowa): 2:11.09
8.) Laura Morley (Indiana): 2:11.72


B1G Record: 1:53.95 (Gia D’alessandro – Indiana, 2014) 1.53.76 (Gia D’alessandro – Indiana, 2017)
B1G Meet: 1:53.95 (Gia D’alessandro – Indiana, 2014) 1.53.76 (Gia D’alessandro – Indiana, 2017)
Pool: 1:52.39 (Elaine Breeden – Stanford, 2010)
NCAA ‘A’: 1:54.01

Hoosier Gia D’alessandro earns the championship title in the 200 butterfly for the fourth time competing in the Big Ten Championships, touching with a 1:53.67. D’alessandro has broken her own B1G conference and meet record in this event, topping off a phenomenal meet for this senior. Coming in second place was Wolverine Vanessa Krause with a 1:55.74 and trailing behind was her teammate Astrid Swensen with a 1:56.02.

Combined with King’s win in the 200 breaststroke, D’alessandro’s points have moved Indiana into second place on the team scoreboard, bumping Wisconsin to down to third. With just a 20-point difference, it will be up to Platform Diving final and the 400 freestyle relay to decide the final rankings.

Top 8 Results

1.) Gia D’alessandro (Indiana): 1:53.67
2.) Vanessa Krause (Michigan): 1:55.74
3.) Astrid Swensen (Michigan): 1:56.02
4.) Meg Bailey (OSU): 1:56.73
5.) Danielle Mack (Minnesota): 1:57.02
6.) Katelyn Sowinski (PSU): 1:57.08
7.) Taite Kitchel (Purdue): 1:57.69
8.) Bailey Pressey (Indiana): 1:58.54


B1G record: 3:12.96 (Wisconsin, 2015)
B1G meet: 3:12.96 (Wisconsin, 2015)
Pool: 3:12.32 (Stanford, 2010)
NCAA ‘A’: 3:15.78

After their 200 freestyle relay win, Wisconsin was favored to win tonight’s final relay of the meet. After an intense battle between Wisconsin and Michigan, the Badgers took the win in the 400 freestyle relay with a 3:13.33. The Wolverines were barely out-touched with a 3:13.59. Both teams earned NCAA automatic qualifying times. Minnesota came in third place with a 3:15.91.

Top 8 Results

1.) Wisconsin: 3:13.33
2.) Michigan: 3:13.59
3.) Minnesota: 3:15.91
4.) Ohio State: 3:16.99
5.) Indiana: 3:17.69
6.) Purdue: 3:17.90
7.) Northwestern: 3:18.25
8.) Penn State: 3:18.35


1.) Michigan: 1287
2.) Indiana: 1125
3.) Wisconsin: 1101.5
4.) Minnesota: 1086
5.) OSU: 837
6.) Purdue: 656
7.) Northwestern: 534
8.) Penn State: 453
9.) Rutgers: 446
10.) Nebraska: 385
11.) Iowa: 357
12.) Illinois: 197
13.) MSU: 195.5

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