Swimming Named Hardest Sport By The IHSRC

Swimming Named Hardest Sport By The IHSRC
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*Disclaimer: This article is 100 percent not real news and is only meant for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!*

Early this morning the IHSRC, or International Hardest Sport Ranking Committee, held an emergency meeting to discuss and release the final rankings for "Sport with the highest cardiovascular expectations of athletes" and the top 5 can be seen below.

Top 5 Sports With The Highest Cardiovascular Expectations Of Athletes

  1. Swimming - 410 Votes
  2. Track - 215 Votes
  3. Wrestling - 100 Votes
  4. Grappling - 80 Votes
  5. Elite Fitness - 75 Votes
Honorable Mentions: Underwater Hockey (12), Spikeball (1)

We spoke to Herbert VanHornn , a well known sport difficulty ranking specialist from Montana and he said "It was a tough decision, I think pretty much any physical activity is the most difficult thing I've ever done in my life". Later on in the conversation when asked what made swimming so difficult and VanHornn stated "The complex movements paired with expectations of cardiovascular fitness at the top level of the sport is unmatched in all of athletics."

The other ~1000 members of the committee declined to make a statement.

Twitter users from around the globe agree that the sport is incredibly demanding…

Swimming is super tough already and is about to get even tougher with the introduction of the 100M Competition Pool that is to begin construction in 2018.


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