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SEC Finals Day 3: Aggies & Gators Extend Lead Behind New SEC Records

SEC Finals Day 3: Aggies & Gators Extend Lead Behind New SEC Records
Night three at the 2017 SEC Swimming & Diving Championships in Knoxville, Tennessee all but solidified the team championship on both the men's and women's side. The Texas A&M ladies extended their lead to 128 points, while the Florida men extended their lead to a whopping 222.5 points. We saw three new SEC Meet Records from ​Chase Kalisz​ of Georgia in the 400 IM, ​Sarah Gibson​ of Texas A&M in the 100 butterfly, and ​Caeleb Dressel​ of Florida in the 100 butterfly. As the meet continues to unfold, watch for the team race to develop beyond first place as there are a lot of teams bunched closely together. 


SEC Meet Record: 3:58.35 (Elizabeth Beisel - Florida, 2012)
NCAA 'A' Automatic: 4:05.36 
NCAA 'B' Consideration: 4:19.39

​BACK-TO-BACK. ​Sydney Pickrem​ of Texas A&M defends her SEC title with a blazing fast 4:02.25, which is also the third fastest time in the country this year. Her breaststroke leg of 1:08.13 was the fastest in the field and the determining factor in her victory. Pickrem's teammate ​Bethany Galat​ claimed the silver with a 4:03.88. Last night's 200 IM champion​, Meghan Small​ of Tennessee, touched in third with a 4:04.93. 

Top 8 Results

1.) Sydney Pickrem (Texas A&M): 4:02.25 (NCAA 'A')
2.) Bethany Galat (Texas A&M): 4:03.88 (NCAA 'A')
3.) Meghan Small (Tennessee): 4:04.93 (NCAA 'A')
4.) Emma Barksdale (South Carolina): 4:06.07
5.) Emily Cameron (Georgia): 4:07.69
6.) Monika Gonzalez-Hermosillo (Texas A&M): 4:07.90
7.) Mia Nonnenberg (Alabama): 4:08.52
8.) Sharli Brady (Mizzou): 4:10.32

SEC Meet Record: 3:37.75 (Conor Dwyer - Florida, 2011)​ 3:36.21 (Chase Kalisz - Georgia, 2017)
NCAA 'A' Automatic: 3:40.76
NCAA 'B' Consideration: 3:54.49

What a race! Round two between ​Chase Kalisz​ of Georgia and ​Mark Szaranek​ of Florida did not disappoint. Kalisz held the lead throughout the race, but Szaranek made a STRONG finish on the freestyle leg to even up with Kalisz. Kalisz' final time of 3:36.21 was a new SEC Meet Record. Szaranek's time of 3:36.54 was also under the old mark from ​Conor Dwyer ​in 2011 and good for silver. ​Jay Litherland​ of Georgia touched third with a 3:40.84.

Top 8 Results:

1.) Chase Kalisz (Georgia): 3:36.21 (SEC MEET RECORD)
2.) Mark Szaranek (Florida): 3:36.54 (NCAA 'A')
3.) Jay Litherland (Georgia): 3:40.84
4.) Joe Patching (Auburn): 3:42.60
5.) Tom Peribonio (South Carolina): 3:43.45
6.) Gunnar Bentz (Georgia): 3:43.95
7.) Sam McHugh (Tennessee): 3:44.70
8.) Alex Lebed (Florida): 3:45.60


SEC Meet Record: 50.87 (Beryl Gastaldello - Texas A&M, 2015)​ 50.71 (Sarah Gibson - Texas A&M, 2017)
NCAA 'A' Automatic: 51.49
NCAA 'B' Consideration: 54.49​

SARAH GIBSON! The Texas A&M Aggie comes out of nowhere on the last 25 to take over ​Chelsea Britt ​of Georgia and set a new SEC Meet Record with a 50.71, which is good for the second fastest time in the country this season. Britt took it out fast the first 50, but could not hang on as she tightened up the last 10 yards allowing Gibson to claim her second SEC title of the meet. Britt's final time was 50.93. ​Madeline Banic​, champion in the 50 freestyle last night, finished in third with a 51.50.

Top 8 Results

​1.)​ Sarah Gibson (Texas A&M): 50.71 (SEC MEET RECORD)
2.) Chelsea Britt (Georgia): 50.93 (NCAA 'A')
3.) Madeline Banic (Tennessee): 51.50
4.) Haley Black (Auburn): 51.80
5.) Beryl Gastaldello (Texas A&M): 51.82
6.) Kylie Stewart (Georgia): 52.05
7.) Kara Kopcso (LSU): 52.34
8.) Bailey Nero (Auburn): 52.36

SEC Meet Record: 44.80 (Caeleb Dressel - Florida, 2016)​ 44.21 (Caeleb Dressel - Florida, 2017)
NCAA 'A' Automatic: 45.73
NCAA 'B' Consideration: 48.29​

The ​Caeleb Dressel ​show continues... What can this man not do? The Junior jumped on this race like a bat out of hell and never looked back winning the event with a new SEC Meet Record of 44.21 and the fastest time in the country this season. His 44.21 is also good for the fourth-fastest swim of all-time in this event.​Joseph Schooling​ of Texas, the defending NCAA champion, must have his eyes set on Knoxville, Tennessee as he measures up his new competition. Dressel's teammate ​Jan Switkowski ​touched second in 45.59, racking up major points for the Gators. Missouri's ​Andrew Sansoucie ​touched third with a 45.82.

Top 8 Results

​1.)​ Caeleb Dressel (Florida): 44.21 (SEC MEET RECORD)
2.) Jan Switkowski (Florida): 45.59 (NCAA 'A')
3.) Andrew Sansoucie (Mizzou): 45.82
4.) Ryan Coetzee (Tennessee): 46.01
5.) Luis Martinez (Auburn): 46.03
5.) Luke Kaliszak (Alabama): 46.03
7.) Logan Rysemus (LSU): 46.17
8.) Connor Oslin (Alabama): 46.31


SEC Meet Record: 1:41.83 (Shannon Vreeland - Georgia, 2014)
NCAA 'A' Automatic: 1:43.63
NCAA 'B' Consideration: 1:47.99

This was anybody's race the entire way as four ladies flipped at the 150 mark in 1:18. However, it was last year's bronze medalist, ​Geena Freriks​ of Kentucky, who got her hand on the wall first, claiming the victory in a time of 1:44.26. This swim gave the Kentucky ladies their first SEC title of the meet. ​Claire Rasmus ​of Texas A&M tried to make her move on the third 50, out-splitting Freriks by two tenths of a second, but it was too little too late and the Sophomore settled for second in 1:44.51. ​Meaghan Raab​ of Georgia touched in third with a 1:44.57. All three of these ladies will be back for next year's meet, so expect Rasmus and Raab to have their sights set on taking Freriks' crown.

Top 8 Results

1.) Geena Freriks (Kentucky): 1:44.26
2.) Claire Rasmus (Texas A&M): 1:44.51
3.) Meaghan Raab (Georgia): 1:44.57
4.) Erin Falconer (Auburn): 1:45.96
5.) Kendal Casey (Kentucky): 1:46.50
6.) Meryn McCann (Georgia): 1:46.58
7.) Kristin Malone (Texas A&M): 1:46.61
8.) Ali Galyer (Kentucky): 1:47.34

SEC Meet Record: 1:31.73 (Conor Dwyer - Florida, 2011)
NCAA 'A' Automatic: 1:32.97
NCAA 'B' Consideration: 1:37.99​

​Maxime Rooney​ of Florida dove in and never looked back. The Freshman was the only one in the field under 45 seconds at the 100 and was on ​Conor Dwyer's​ SEC Meet Record pace at the 150 mark, but fell off slightly still finishing with the fastest time in the country this season in 1:32.18. Rooney's teammate ​Khader Baqlah​ finished second with a 1:33.65 just two hundredths of a second ahead of ​South Carolina's ​Fynn Minuth​ who touched third in 1:33.67. This was Florida's second 1-2 finish of the night and helped build their insurmountable lead even further.

Top 8 Results

​1.) Maxime Rooney (Florida): 1:32.18 (NCAA 'A')​
2.) Khader Baqlah (Florida): 1:33.65​
3.) Fynn Minuth (South Carolina): 1:33.67​
4.) Mike Schreuders (Mizzou): 1:34.06​
5.) Mitch D'Arrigo (Florida): 1:34.07​
6.) Joey Reilman (Tennessee): 1:34.55​
7.) Laurent Bams (Alabama): 1:34.96

8.) Walker Higgins (Georgia): 1:34.97


1.) Texas A&M: 729
2.) Georgia: 601
3.) Auburn: 493
4.) Tennessee: 454
5.) Mizzou: 430
6.) Kentucky: 406
7.) Florida: 331
8.) LSU: 291
9.) South Carolina: 248
10.) Alabama: 221
11.) Arkansas: 146
12.) Vanderbilt: 30

1.)​ Florida: 759.5
2.)​ Georgia: 537
3.)​ Auburn: 495.5
4.)​ Alabama: 415.5
5.)​ Texas A&M: 414
6.)​ Tennessee: 409.5
7.)​ South Carolina: 380
8.)​ LSU: 340
​ Missouri: 326.5
10.) Kentucky: 248.5
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