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ACC Prelims Day 2: Comerford & Smith Set Up 200 Freestyle Battle

ACC Prelims Day 2: Comerford & Smith Set Up 200 Freestyle Battle
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400-Yard IM

ACC Meet: 4:04.21 (Tanja Kylliainen - Louisville, 2015)
Conference: 4:03.51 Tanja Kylliainen - Louisville, 2015)
NCAA 'A' Automatic: 4:05.37
NCAA 'B' Consideration: 4:19.39

1.) Kaitlyn Jones (Virginia): 4:09.94 
2.) Reka Gyorgy (Virginia Tech): 4:09.98
3.) Hannah Moore (NC State): 4:10.93
4.) Rachel Politi (Virginia): 4:11.07
5.) Catherine Hulsey (UNC): 4:11.34 
6.) Kira Debruyn (Georgia Tech): 4:12.99
7.) Rachael Bradford-Feldman (Louisville) 4:13.65
8.) Fiona Donnelly (Virginia Tech): 4:14.03
16th: 4:17.77 
24th: 4:21.64 

Kaitlyn Jones will be fighting to win her second Atlantic Coast Conference title in the 400 IM on Wednesday at Georgia Tech's McAuley Aquatic Center in Atlanta. She was 4:06.66 last year in her win over North Carolina State's Hannah Moore. Moore finished third last year with a 4:07.64, so keep an eye out on the challenge. However, newcomer Reka Gyorgy of Virginia Tech could upset the field. Tuesday night's champion in the 200 IM, Alexia Zevnik from N.C. State scratched this morning's 400 IM, along with the 200 freestyle, likely to save for the 100 backstroke.


ACC Meet: 50.06 (Kelsi Worrell - Louisville, 2016)
Conference: 49.43 (Kelsi Worrell - Louisville, 2016)
NCAA 'A' Automatic: 51.56
NCAA 'B' Consideration: 54.49

1.) Hellen Moffitt (UNC): 50.99
2.) Grace Oglesby (Louisville): 52.27
3.) Nicole Smith (Notre Dame): 52.29
4.) Leah Goldman (Duke): 52.29
5) Sarah Koucheki (UNC): 52.37 
6.) Tayla Lovemore (FSU): 52.38 
7.) Alyssa Marsh (Duke): 52.43
8.) Erin Sheehan (Notre Dame): 52.46
16th: 53.06
24th: 54.17

Could we see some fireworks tonight? Senior Hellen Moffitt took the top seed going into tonight with a 50.99, just a little slower than her 50.67 from last year's ACC meet, where she finished behind Louisville's Kelsi Worrell. Look for her first 50 to be out FAST. She was 22.29 for UNC's 200 medley relay on Monday in comparison to her 22.7 split from last year. To put that into comparison, Kelsi Worrell was 22.42 in her 50 butterfly split from last years meet. To say that we'll see Worrell's record broken might be a stretch, but it better be in her crosshairs. Note: NC State's only qualifiers were in 13th and 21st, whereas UNC has two swimmers in the A final, and Virginia has two swimmers in the B final.  


ACC Meet: 1:42.79 (Mallory Comerford - Louisville, 2016)
Conference: 1:42.51 (Lauren Perdue - Virginia, 2011)
NCAA 'A' Automatic: 1:43.82
NCAA 'B' Consideration 1:47.99

1.) Mallory Comerford (Louisville): 1:43.74
2.) Leah Smith (UVA): 1:43.79
3.) Jessi Hespeler (VA Tech): 1:44.96
4.) Jenni Marrkand (UVA): 1:45.22
5.) Abigail Dolan (Notre Dame): 1:45.42
6.) Iris Wang (GA Tech): 1:45.87
7.) Morgan Hill (UVA): 1:46.23
8.) Eryn Eddy (UVA): 1:46.32
16th: 1:47.49
24th: 1:48.58

We're going to see some rock 'em sock 'em from Mallory Comerford and Leah Smith tonight, so you better be watching live. Comerford was 1:41.1 inside the 800 freestyle relay, and Leah Smith led off in 1:43.60. Comerford is an incredible -- I repeat -- incredible relay swimmer. We could see a pair of 1:42s. Watch for Smith to try to reel in Comerford on the last 75. N.C. State is once again without points in the A final but has a pair of wolves in 11th place and 18th place. Virginia has four swimmers in the A final. That's a lot of bullets. Plus one in the B final and another in the C final. Zevnik's scratch in the 200 freestyle opened the doors for the Cavaliers, but it looks like the play might pay off in tonight's 100 backstroke. 


ACC Meet: 58.26 (Andrea Cottrell - Louisville, 2016)
Conference: 57.79 (Emma Reaney - Notre Dame, 2015)
NCAA 'A' Automatic: 59.04
NCAA 'B' Consideration: 1:02.49

1.) Andrea Cottrell (Louisville): 58.61
2.) Kayla Brubaum (NC State): 58.85 
3.) Laura Simon (UVA): 59.01
4.) Lina Rathsack (Pitt): 59.80
5.) Natalie Pierce (FSU): 59.98
6.) Meagan O'Donnell (Notre Dame): 1:00.13
7.) Vivian Tafuto (UVA): 1:00.35 
8.) Silvia Guerra (Louisville): 1:00.53
16th: 1:01.71
24th: 1:02.25

Current ACC meet record holder Andrea Cottrell will be gunning for a two-peat in tonight's 100 breaststroke final but will have her work cut out for her with a fast-charging N.C. Stater, Kayla Brubaum, and veteran Virginian, Laura Simon


ACC Meet: 50.74 (Courtney Bartholomew - Virginia, 2016)
Conference: 50.01 (Courtney Bartholomew - Virginia, 2014)
NCAA 'A' Automatic: 51.51
NCAA 'B' Consideration: 55.09

1.) Elise Haan (NC State): 51.13
2.) Alexia Zevnik (NC State): 51.14
3.) Courtney Caldwell (NC State): 51.43
3.) Hellen Moffitt (UNC): 51.43
5.) Caroline Baldwin (UNC): 51.59
6.) Klaudia Nzieblo (Virginia Tech): 52.53 
7.) Alina Kendzior (Louisville): 52.64
8.) Lotta Nevalainen (NC State): 52.81
16th: 53.87
24th: 54.47

N.C. State's choice of having Alexia Zevnik swim the 100 backstroke instead of the 200 freestyle or 400 IM might play out in their favor. Virginia put up four swimmers in the 200 freestyle without any Wolfpack present, but N.C. State just reversed the tables, putting four up in tonight's 100 backstroke and no Cavaliers to be found. WASH.
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